Unitherm 25 Z

A thermal-insulating block brick for external, load-bearing walls up to 25 cm thick. With improved thermal-insulation properties this brick combines high strength and load-bearing capacity with both sound and heat insulation.


Size: 375/250/238 mm
Brand: m 10 (min 10 N/mm²)
NF: 11.4
Packaging: 72 pcs/pallet
Weight: 15.50 kg
Brick Consumption: 10.70 pcs/m²
Mortar Consumption: 23.30 L/m²
Time-saving Rate: 0.63 h/m²
Sound Insulation:
Unplastered wall db
Plastered wall 51 db
Thermal Insulation: λ=0.266 W/mK*
u-Values: =0.70 w/m²k***