CIGLANA CERJE TUŽNO d.o.o. (LLC) is a Company engaged in the production of bricks, tiles and other baked clay products for construction, and clay extraction.

This business policy has been proven through many years of successful trading.

CIGLANA CERJE TUŽNO d.o.o. (LLC) is committed to perform work for its customers at the highest level of quality complying with professional rules and the highest production standards, in accordance with all applicable laws and other regulations relating to this activity. The optimal delivery deadline for the product in question is agreed upon with the customer. 

CIGLANA CERJE TUŽNO d.o.o. (LLC) undertakes to act continuously to establish a system of human resources values through education, skills and knowledge so that the quality of services can improve and service users and employees can continue to be satisfied. 

CIGLANA CERJE TUŽNO d.o.o. (LLC) can only do business if service users are satisfied, and this can only be achieved by understanding and satisfying these needs and desires, thus providing greater value than our competitors.

By defining specific environmental aspects, we can recognise the goals we want to achieve through the environmental management system and develop plans and programmes to realise these defined goals.

CIGLANA CERJE TUŽNO d.o.o. (LLC) selects suppliers by applying criteria that ensure high-quality materials and products that care for the environment and the impact of our products on the environment. 

CIGLANA CERJE TUŽNO d.o.o. (LLC) strives for processes which have a zero environmental impact. 

CIGLANA CERJE TUŽNO d.o.o. (LLC) strives to constantly reduce the number of complaints from the suppliers and the users of provided services, through better cooperation with service users and suppliers as well as through internal work and organisational improvements.

In its operation, CIGLANA CERJE TUŽNO d.o.o. (LLC) has undertaken to promote a business ethics code. 

All employees at CIGLANA CERJE TUŽNO d.o.o. (LLC) are obliged to acquaint themselves with the quality control and environmental protection documentation and apply the applicable policies in their work.

These quality control and environmental polices shall be communicated to all service users and stakeholders, and shall be revised from time to time to ensure its relevance.


Cerje Nebojse, 8th July 2016

Ciglana Cerje Tužno d.o.o. (LLC)

Managing Director
Dubravko Šimec

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